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VIP - Elegant private tour

This tour is intended for those who want amazing food and wine in a experience in the mountains at one of Tenerife's more beautiful vineyards.

Tre Roques

VIP - Elegant private tour

  • Date: Thursday

  • time   15:30 - 21:00

  • Total travel time:   5 pm



  • Adults: € 115



  • Food and drinks

  • English speaking tour guide

  • Transport to and from hotel

VIP - private tour

5 hours - € 115

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Description of trip:

This is a trip that needs to be booked and is for groups of two to 16 people.
We ascend to the mountains in one of the island's most beautiful vineyards at over 1000 meters, where we are welcomed and guided by the acreage and educated about the winery and ends in wine tasting and cheeses.
When the wine tasting and education about the winery is complete, we are taken to the cave where we get a delicious six course meal and quality wine.
when the meal is over we go out and sit on the viewing platform on the mountain edge and enjoy the sunset, along with the magnificent views of the coastal area and the three mountain peaks named after the vineyard (finca tres roques).
Unique experience in the mountains of Tenerife.



  • Starter: Vegetable soup with fresh salads

  • Cold appetizer: Mozzarella salad with canary cheese in palm oak honey.

  • Hot starter: Ropa Vieja "Old clothes" (chicken and chicken bean pot dishes) with "huevos rotos" (Omiletta).

  • Main course: Dry aged ribeye, cod or vegan option

  • Dessert: Dessert of the day


  • Starter: Soup of the day

  • Hot starter: Ropa Vieja "Old clothes" (chicken and chicken bean pot dishes)

  • Main course: Canary chicken with baked potato and mojo sauce.

  • Dessert: Dessert of the day

NOTE: We pick up and deliver at Hotels in Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Adeje.

​Ljómsmyndari á vegum Tenerife ferða mætir á svæðið og bíður þeim sem hafa áhuga láta taka myndir af þér við sólsetrið.  Hann tekur einsktalega fallegar og skemmtilegar sólsetursmyndir ásamt öðrum myndum.  Við munum síðan senda öllum myndirnar sem voru teknar í ferðinni daginn eftir ferðina.

ATH: Við sækjum og skilum á Hótel í Los Cristianos, Las Americas og Adeje (þó ekki vestur af La Caleta).

VIP - Elegant private tour

5 hours - € 115

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